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So WHY have we created this Site

I am often teased by my wife how her teeth are in better condition than mine and don’t tell her but she is right she definitely spends a lot more time looking after teeth.  This is evident by the fact that at our local dentist she is on the “Green” plan and doesn’t get told us when she goes in for her regular checkups.

Like when I was in school the the dentist/hygienist often says to me that I could do better so the health of my teeth is definitely a work in progress.  One of the ways that Jan tells me that she knows that she has cleaned her teeth well is when she runs her tongue over her teeth and she gets that squeaky sound.

Now I am not sure to be honest whether this is indeed an indication that that her teeth have been brushed well but I do know what she means by that feeling.

Being the Tech Head of the family I decided to have a look at the different toothbrushes available as my electric toothbrush is a number of years old now and the battery doesn’t seem to be lasting as long between charges as it used.Matts toothbrush

So what I am going to try and do is write some articles on the research of the different types of toothbrush available highlighting the differences between them and from there produce say a “Top 5” rotating brushes or “Top 5” Sonic brushes.

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